10 Negative Effects of Smoking

Smoking is harmful to one’s health – and there’s no doubt about it. It harms your body as it harms the people around you. No one benefits from smoking (except maybe the tobacco companies that earn billions of dollars). Health wise, tobacco is a silent killer. Below are the top 10 negative effects of smoking […]

10 Reasons Why You Have to Smoke

So, you think life is miserable with all the sufferings that you get from life. This means you’d rather go out with friends, order liters of beer, and burn your lungs by smoking. You would laugh with senseless jokes using your deteriorating brain and do home at 3 am in the morning then wake up […]

5 Popular Myths about Cigarette Smoking

Many people continue to smoke despite the risks because they are bombarded with tons of myths about cigarettes. However, most of these claims have no scientific proofs. So before you get caught up with nicotine addiction, here are some of the most popular myths about smoking that you may want to be familiar of.

The Negative Effects of Smoking on the Body

It is easy to dismiss the negative effects of smoking on out body. Especially if the majority of the time we ignore what other people say. But seen this video forces one to see smoking for what it is a slow method of suicide. It just makes sense to stop this. It makes sense to […]