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Multiple quit smoking products are out there which can assist you in stopping smoking for good. Utilizing a quit smoking product greatly can boost your odds of success. Only around 5% of individuals who attempt to stop tobacco succeed without using a quit smoking product. However, over 30% may succeed while using such a product. […]

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Print version ( free PDF download ) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services You will feel better. You will have more energy and breathe easier. Your chances of getting sick will go down. Smoking is dangerous. More than 435,000 Americans die each year from smoking. Smoking causes illnesses such as cancer, heart […]

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If your hooked on smoking you are hooked on nicotine. You are not smoking because you ENJOY IT otherwise why would you want to quit in the first place. Right? The truth is everybody HATES smoking but the withdrawal from nicotine puts people ON EDGE, it hampers their ability to concentrate, it makes them miserable […]

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Smokers who have finally come to a decision that they will quit smoking can be helped by counseling and therapies. Such therapies include the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The therapy includes nicotine replacement products such as a nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine spray, nicotine inhalers and nicotine lozenges. What is nicotine gum? It is a […]

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How to Choose Your Quit Date

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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Choose a day that will allow you to cope with withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and restlessness.  Plan for a stress-free day, yet have activities lined up that will keep you distracted—perhaps an outing with family or friends; a massage; or a spa day.  A long weekend or a short vacation time might be perfect […]

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