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Not all smokers are going to experience symptoms of nicotine withdrawal once they quit. But most do. If you are one of them, the best thing you can do is to prepare. Let’s talk about the most common withdrawal symptoms and what you can do to get rid of them. The easy way to —> […]

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Quitting smoking can be tormenting, especially when you have to deal with persistent headaches on top of nicotine cravings. Even though these are normal, they can really stress you out and tempt you to light up once again. Fortunately, you can stop smoking today without having to struggle with debilitating headache. Here are some tips […]

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Research has shown that the addictive properties of cigarettes are similar to that of heroin and cocaine. There’s no wonder why those who quit often experience undesirable symptoms. In fact, many people who have been addicted to cigarettes and other substances report that it is harder to quit smoking. Within several hours from your last […]

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You Can Quit Smoking Today

by Dr Antonio Howell, MD

in quit smoking

7 Ways to Lessen Stress When Quitting Smoking Smokers think that smoking helps them relax but experts say otherwise. A person who is in nicotine withdrawal may feel anxious and jittery, which they often confuse with stress. They feel better after lighting up a few cigarettes, not because smoking eases stress but because another dose […]

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Quit Smoking For Good

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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Jane Brody writes and excellent article on quitting smoking for good. Just what the doctor ordered. It is a balanced discussion about the facts of quitting smoking. I especially enjoyed reading her explanation of what smokers describe as the relaxation provided by smoking. This is a lie, because stress is really caused by the nicotine […]

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