Getting Ready for Your Quit Date: 7 Essential Tips

4 days to go and it’s 2014! It’s a brand new year – a fresh beginning. If you are reading this, it’s most likely that you or one of your loved ones is attempting to quit smoking comes January one. Perhaps at this very moment, you are very determined to drop the habit for good. […]

Quit Smoking: 4 Steps for Long-Term Success

Smoking relapse is very common. In fact, it usually takes 7 attempts for an average smoker to finally quit smoking. What’s more, they could fall back to the habit even after several years of not lighting up with just one trigger.

Put out your Cigarette: Quit Smoking for Good

Are you ready to put out your last cigarette; quit smoking for good? Smoking cigarettes is both a psychological habit and physical addiction. The nicotine from a cigarette will offer an addictive, temporary high. Getting rid of that consistent nicotine fix is going to cause your body to suffer with cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. […]