7 Scientific Ways to Quit

Smoking is very dangerous to your health and quitting is the most difficult thing to do. Once you are engaged with cigarette smoking the cravings of nicotine can often go beyond your control.

Stop Smoking Timeline: 7 Tips on Your First Week

Quitting smoking is difficult at first due to the intense withdrawal symptoms that you may experience during your first days and week. But as the days go by, everything becomes easier and your cigarette craving will begin to wane until you no longer experience it.

Dealing with Junkie Thinking: Smart Tips to Cope with Smoking Thoughts

“I’ll smoke for one last time and tomorrow, I’ll stay smoke-free again!” Sounds familiar? Well, it isn’t you alone who experience this kind of feeling. Smoking cessation experts call it ‘junkie thinking’ – one’s psychological urge to light up during and even after the smoking cessation period.