What if Quitting Smoking Was as Easy as Sipping a Cup of Tea?

Are you searching for an alternative remedy to stop smoking? You may have probably come across a product called Quit Tea. According to reviews, this tea helps reduce stress, promote relaxation, increase energy, reduce hunger, and replace the habit. But, how’s that possible? To answer this question, we must look deeper into the ingredients of […]

Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Giveaway

Thank you all for participating in the Quit Tea giveaway. THE WINNERS of the Quit Tea Giveaway are: **** Cynthia Diehl **** **** Jonathan Lee Kolmorgan **** **** Sabrina Abernathy Boone ***** Congratulations to the above winners. The above individuals have 24hrs t email me at antonio.howell@drantoniohowell.com and VERIFY their mailing address and receive their […]

Herbal Tea Is Another Option For Quitting

Most people wrongly assume that nicotine replacement therapy is the only way to quit smoking. Sure, nicotine replacement products are at every pharmacy check out, but there are many way to quit smoking, including something as pleasant and easy and drinking herbal tea.   Quit Tea was developed to be part of a regimen to […]