reasons to quit smoking

Being a teenager is a time where young adults attempt to learn and discover who they are. This is quite a stressful stage because one is still trying to establish his or her identity, find a crowd or group to belong, and practice some independence. And along the way, teenagers make good and bad decisions […]

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Every smoker has his or her personal reasons for quitting. If you’re entertaining the idea of stopping smoking day but you’re not yet sure of the reasons why, take a few minutes reading this post. Below is the list of the most popular reasons why smokers quit. Mind you, they are so powerful that they […]

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Want to resist withdrawal symptoms? Eat your fruits and vegetables!  Have you been trying so hard to quit smoking but couldn’t resist the urge? The next time you want to light up, grab an apple first or eat a serving or two of vegetable salad. Once you do, experience a decline in craving and less […]

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So you some how managed to quit. And you are feeling great. You go out with your friends and they are smoking. You reason that you are different than you were say 6mo ago when you smoked. Today you have things figured out. Your thinking is much clearer than before. So when someone offers you […]


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