7 Ways to Survive Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine withdrawal is temporary, but it can be very intense, particularly if you’re not ready for what you’re about to experience. Arm yourself with knowledge on what to expect as you get through the first few days of your quit. Below are 7 ways to survive nicotine withdrawal.

5 Ways to Discourage Public Smoking

Secondhand smoke, or environmental tobacco smoke is a combination of 2 types of smoke coming from burning cigarette or tobacco – the sidestream smoke, or the smoke coming from a lighted cigarette or pipe; and the mainstream smoke, or the smoke exhaled by smokers. If you think they are just the same, well they are […]

Nicotine Overdose: 6 Signs and Symptoms

Every smoker knows that nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in tobacco products. It is also found in many cessation products like nicotine patches, gums, or nicotine sprays. Nicotine overdose may occur when nicotine is taken orally in large amounts. This usually happens to young smokers or children who accidentally chew or ingested tobacco […]