7 Ways Smoking Affects Your Looks

Who doesn’t want to look good, better yet who wouldn’t want to stay looking young and healthy? This is a concern for most people and also smokers because smoking does affect how you look. Smoking does not only affect your body health wise, but also cosmetically. Call it vain, but most people are always concerned […]

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep During Your Smoking Cessation Treatment

  Nicotine withdrawal affects your sleep patterns. When the nicotine level in your body drops after you quit smoking, it triggers your body to experience different withdrawal symptoms and cravings. There are two ways how smoking cessation can affect you sleep, either you spend more time in bed or find it very difficult to stay […]


You should know what to expect in order to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal once you stop smoking. Dizziness may occur during the first one or two days. Take a quick break, it will pass. Headaches may appear at any time during the first weeks. Try to relax. Take any usual remedy for headache, […]