Smoker’s Cough: Another Reason to Quit Smoking

You’ve heard it, read it, or experienced it yourself, smoker’s cough is a prolonged cough accompanied by clear, yellowish, or green phlegm. The coughing is persistent, meaning you have been experiencing it for more than 2 to 3 weeks. The cough is worst in the morning when you wake up and normally improves towards the […]

Cough After Quitting Smoking – 4 Things You Should Know

Sometimes people would wonder why even after they have quit smoking, coughing still persists. Coughing is a normal process where your body is trying to expel foreign elements that got tangled-up in the lungs. And for people who recently quit smoking, coughing is actually a sign that the lungs is recovering. However, though coughing is […]

5 Steps to Control Coughing when Quitting Smoking

Coughing is a common side effect of quitting. But don’t take it negatively. Actually, it is a sign that your lungs are healing and clearing themselves. Once you quit, expect to experience mild to moderate coughing which may linger for over two months. If the coughing persists beyond this, it is advisable that you see […]