Smoking and Women’s Sexual Health

It’s important that every woman protects her health and well-being. Quitting smoking is an essential part of keeping yourself healthy and is greatly recommended by physicians to lessen the risk of serious health conditions later in life. Some of the common health issues in women linked to smoking includes infertility, cancers, osteoporosis, etc. But have […]

Women, Sexual Health, and Smoking

Smoking among women has deeper roots. History would tell that smoking was among the means women before used to lobby equality with men. Cigarette was then seen as men’s penis a symbol of sexual power, so women smoke to have their own penises. Gone were the days of men and women inequality, and cigarette smoking […]

5 Harmful Effects of Smoking to Women’s Health

Women who smoke, irrespective of their age, are at risk of illnesses that are not only harmful to their health but also to the health of people around them. If you’re planning to quit, or still looking for reasons to quit, below are 6 harmful effects of smoking on women’s health that you should know.