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Chantix is Safe For Your Heart

by Dr Antonio Howell, MD

in quit smoking

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about fifty percent of chronic smokers will sooner or later die because of their habit. However, the good news is, approximately 70% of them want to quit. And using an effective treatment can increase the chance of kicking the habit for good by 2 to 3 […]

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Planning to quit smoking today? Why Struggle on Your Own?¬†Greatly increase your chance of success by knowing the best, scientifically proven methods to quit. The easy way to —> Harnessing Motivation to Quit Smoking

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Before deciding whether to use a drug, you want to be well-informed about its pros and cons (everything about it). Anything you take into your body can have a significant impact on your health. It is just appropriate to carry out a research first or consult a health professional before trying any type of medication, […]

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