[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]Ad Widget: GA 160×90 LU[/widget]Don’t you think that it is about time you quit smoking? Or have you already quit several times? The purpose of this blog is to assist you in quitting forever, without the urge to start up again. In just one week after starting to quit smoking, you can be free […]

Zyban and Smoking: How deadly?

Zyban was the first non-nicotine drug to be used to help people stop smoking. This drug contains chemical derivatives of a stimulant drug known as amphetamine and is also used as a drug to treat depression. It is said that cigarette smoking causes one out of six deaths by making smokers susceptible to many illnesses. […]

Allen Carr’s The Easy Way To Stop Smoking

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]The smiling man on the right is Allen Carr. My personal hero. Why? Because he did in 1983 what the medical establishment and society in general could not do. He helped people to quit smoking. And when I say, he helped people he did it at least ten times better than anybody else around […]

Squidoo Lens Comment on Chantix

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]This comment on my Squidoo lens is more typical of what I hear about Chantix: I have only good to say about Chantix! 🙂 I smoked the first week while on the starter pack of Chantix then day 8 quit completely! I quit on Feb 17th of this year and have been smoke free […]

History of Tobacco (part 1)

1847 The famous Phillip Morris is established, selling hand rolled Turkish cigarettes. 1849 J.E. Liggett and Brother is established in St. Louis, Mo. 1875 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (better known for its Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil) was established to produce chewing tobacco. 1901 3.5 billion cigarettes were sold, while 6 billion cigars were sold. 1902 […]

How Do You Say Goodbye To 443,000 People?

What is second hand smoke? It is the smoke exhaled by the smoker’s every time he puffs on the cigarette and exhales. It is also the side stream smoke that comes from the burning tip of the cigarette. There are over 4,000 individual compounds in secondhand smoke and 200 these are known to be poisonous, and […]

You Would Quit Smoking If You Knew How Much Money Tobacco Companies Made from You

[widget id=”ad_unit-13″]ad_unit-13[/widget]Everyday you smoke you are taking your hard earned money and enriching the tobacco companies. And they want you to continue smoking so that they can get richer everyday…If this doesn’t make you want to quit I don’t know what will. I just came from the site and saw the estimated World and […]


If you are about to quit, do you know what to do to fight off that urge to smoke another cigarette? Do you know the reasons that cause you to light up that cigarette? If you are still smoking, you need to ask yourself, Am I ready to quit the smoking habit? Can I do […]


The first thing to do is set a date when you are going to quit smoking. Let’s start one week from today. That will give you plenty of time to practice with the weapons in your arsenal. Eight days from today, it will be the beginning of the end of your smoking habit. Days 1 […]