5 Reasons Why You Smoke More When You Drink

According to a new study published in American Journal of Health Behavior, the more you’re drunk the more likely you are to smoke. And this is true for both heavy and “social” smokers. After a few too many drinks, both type of smokers are more likely to crave and light a cigarette. Why? Below are […]

7 Common Smoking Triggers in Men

Nearly 35 million people try to quit smoking each year. Unfortunately, 85 percent are bound to fail. Smoking is indeed one of the most addictive habits that despite the growing awareness about its health consequences, more and more people get hooked to it, especially men.

Top 10 Smoking Triggers

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable diseases such as stroke, heart attack and cancer. However, majority of those who try to quit find themselves smoking again and again. Why? It’s because they are confronted with smoking triggers that promote a relapse.

Top 10 Things That Trigger Back Smoking

Giving up smoking never comes easy to anyone who wants to give up the old habit. There will always be thousands of reasons that will pull you back to the smoking habit. Even if you’re the most committed quitter, there will always come a time that you’ll be tempted to light that deadly cigarette – […]