5 Self-Help Strategies to Stay Quit Even During the Tough Days

While there is no scientific evidence linking smoking and stress, many people believe that smoking can help them calm down. If you’re one of the thousands if not millions of people who have developed nicotine dependence because you resort to cigarettes when you are stressed, you must know this sad truth: smoking can never ease […]

Life after Cigarettes: 7 Ways to Make Quitting a Less Stressful Journey

Are you afraid of quitting because you think that eliminating cigarettes from your life can cause you to feel stressed out and grumpy? Your concern may be unfounded, according to the researchers from Brown University. In their study, participants who successfully quit smoking reported feeling happier and having better moods and fewer symptoms of depression […]

Busting Off the Myth: Smoking Causes Relaxation

3 Reasons why Smoking Isn’t Really Relaxing AT ALL It was a tough day at work. Your boss just gave his litany for almost two hours and you’ve almost quit your job. Your muscles are so tensed you can’t move properly. It’s passed 9 and you just got home. You’re too hungry to even get […]