5 Helpful Ways to Help You Quit Smoking Anytime

We often see the start of the year as the perfect time to start anew. But why wait for a new year when you can quit smoking now? Below are some helpful ways to help you quit smoking any time of the year.

7 Highly Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Despite all the warnings about the dangers of tobacco, one in five Americans still smoke. Just recently, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported an increase in the smoking-related illnesses among women, who are now more likely to die from lung cancer than men. In the same research, it was found […]

5 Unusual Quit Smoking Tips

  Are you sick and tired of hearing all those old, same boring quit smoking tips? Well then, you should read this article. Below are the collection of smoking cessation tips and advices that have been proven to work for some. They’re unusual yet, they make perfect sense.