What is the right way to quit smoking?

The facts is nothing is worse for your health than using tobacco. Smoking or chewing is the leading cause of preventable death in industrialized nations. Although there has been a huge decrease in the number of smokers between 1965 and 2001, one in five American adults still continue to smoke. We know that quitting is […]

4 Ways How Tobacco Companies Sell Their Cigarettes

Every year, tobacco companies spend millions of dollars in their advertisements. Why? To encourage more people to use their products. And they seem to be successful in their campaign. The question now is – how do they do it? How can they persuade people to smoke, especially the youth? Yes, you read it right. You […]

Smoking during Pregnancy: Some Facts You Should Know

Despite the alarming side effects of smoking, millions of people can’t live a day without it. Tobacco is sold everywhere and you need no prescription for it. Same with alcohol, tobacco is perhaps the most abused drugs in the world. Even though numerous health groups, public and private organizations in the country are very active […]