When the Consequences are Not Enough: Top Reasons Why People Smoke

There are lots of people who are fond of smoking, despite the known bad effects for their health and body. According to studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), present-day cigarette smoking was higher among approximately 17 of every 100 persons aged 18-24 years (16.7%), 20 of every 100 persons aged […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll End Up A Loser If You Smoke

Some people think they’re cool when they smoke. They think they look good. Well, maybe they think too much. Cigarette smoke contains at least 4 000 deadly chemicals which cause tons of health complications from pneumonia, to asthma, to cancer. Nicotine and tar, two of the most known substance found in tobacco smoke, cause bad […]

10 reasons you should quit smoking NOW!

Quitting smoking now will: 1. Reduce your risk for stroke and heart attack or if you have experienced a heart attack, quitting now will reduce your risk of experiencing a 2nd attack. Smoking causes coronary heart disease. It also causes the build up of plaque clogs which results in the narrowing and hardening of your […]