Quit Smoking: 4 Steps for Long-Term Success

Smoking relapse is very common. In fact, it usually takes 7 attempts for an average smoker to finally quit smoking. What’s more, they could fall back to the habit even after several years of not lighting up with just one trigger.

5 Expert Tips for the Diehard Smokers

Professor Robert West, world’s expert on nicotine and addiction, began smoking when he was a teenager but managed to quit while at university, on a girlfriend’s urging. Now, he has gone on to devote 30 years of his life studying nicotine addiction and finding ways to help smokers quit the habit for good. He currently […]

5 Beliefs that Make Quitting Smoking Incredibly Tough

We all know that quitting cigarettes comes with undesirable physical changes called withdrawal symptoms, which unfortunately make the smoking cessation process tough. However, most people are unable to quit not because of the withdrawal symptoms but the false beliefs about cigarettes that they cling to.

Laser Treatment to Stop Smoking: 6 Facts You Should Know

If you’re like most Americans, quitting smoking is probably one of your New Year’s resolutions. So how is it going? If you’re like most smokers who try to quit, you probably have gone through several attempts and failed. Well, there are several smoking cessation treatments that you can try to ward off the habit. One […]

Quit Smoking Today: 5 Ways to Reduce Symptoms of Withdrawal

Like cocaine and heroin, tobacco is very addictive. And once you get hooked, it’s hard to quit. Quitting smoking is not something you do overnight or something that is pleasurable. It often involves troublesome symptoms which include headache, depression, dizziness, insomnia, and irritability. These symptoms would usually last all throughout the treatment and normally reach […]

Top Withdrawal 10 Symptoms and How to Cope with Them

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Everyone who quits smoking is expected to experience a number of withdrawal symptoms, depending on the level of their addiction. Below are the ten most common symptoms of quitting smoking, as well as the coping strategies to beat them:

5 Ways to Improve Sleep after Quitting Smoking

In a study by the Johns Hopkins University, researchers found that smokers are four times more likely to suffer from sleeping problems, including insomnia and sleep apnea. Quitting smoking today is perhaps the best way for you to welcome a good night sleep and meet the morning with energy and zeal.

How to deal with nicotine withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are experienced by the smoker if he/she cuts back or quits smoking due to the lack of nicotine in the body. If you are trying quit and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, here are some ways you can deal with the withdrawal symptoms: Irritability and anxiety In the first few weeks of quitting, you many […]

Say Goodbye to Smoking once and for all

IF you are someone who is trying to quit or someone who has already quit but is having trouble staying quit, here are some steps you can do to succeed in quitting: • Identify and list the situations that urge you to smoke Is it the stress (emotional and/or physical) that makes you light up […]