The Four Pillars of Quitting Smoking

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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The four pillars of quitting smoking:

1. Talk to Quitters. Most non-smokers will tell you it took them several tries to actually stop smoking for good, so don’t let yourself become discouraged. Stick with it, keep trying, and never, ever give up!

2. Talk to your doctor. This may be old advice but it’s good advice. Your doctor is a terrific resource for helping you find and use the right method to help you stop smoking. He or she can fill you in on all sorts of approaches ranging from cold turkey to medication-assisted to behavioral and more.

3. Seek ongoing support. Every successful stop smoking program has one important element – ongoing support. Finding ongoing support that is practical, accessible, and suited to your needs is a critical part of your efforts. Look for support groups and forums online, in your community, at your church, at your workplace, etc.

4. Commit to it. Regardless of which program or method you choose to stop smoking, your own personal and complete commitment is vital to success. It’s easy to start a new program and then, when the going gets tough, give it up or justify finding reasons to sneak cigarettes along the way. The best chance of success comes when you commit yourself fully to the program, even if that means making a new commitment each week, day, or hour in some cases.

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