The STOP Technique of Quitting Smoking! – Safe and Effective.

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

in Blog

The 3 Week Diet

An important technique that will help you
I call the STOP technique.

If you smoke in the car STOP.
Smoke before you get in the car or
after you arrive at your destination but
you can no longer smoke and drive at the
same time.

Some people like to smoke and drink coffee
so now you STOP joining those two activities.
You can still smoke if you want to but
not together with that specific activity.

If you smoke with friends STOP.
If you smoke while you watch TV STOP.
Whatever you do together with smoking STOP it.

What your are trying to achieve here is
isolating smoking from the other activities
that one usually associates with smoking.

If done properly when you finally decide to
quit smoking for good you will do so more easily.

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