Quitting Smoking: Is Dizziness Just Normal?

Some smokers would feel slightly dizzy for a few hours after quitting. Though it’s not that bad that you’ll faint, but it might be a little frightening. It can be associated to smoking cessation but there can be a number of reasons that may cause dizziness, or the shaky feelings when you stop smoking.

Top 10 Things That Happen To Your Lungs after Quitting Smoking

[widget id=”ad_unit-16″]ad_unit-16[/widget][widget id=”ad_unit-13″]ad_unit-13[/widget]When you smoke, the first organ-system that is most severely affected is your respiratory system and particularly your lungs. Every time you smoke, your lungs become black with tar. Studies show that after 3 years of continuous smoking, you increase your risk of lung cancer by 99.9%! The good news is that…Well, it […]