7 Shocking Effects of Smoking on the Brain

If lung cancer and heart disease are not enough to scare you about the dangers of quitting smoking, here’s another reason to stop smoking now – it rots your brain, literally. If you’ve been smoking for a long period of time, you are at a high risk not just of cancer and heart disease, but […]

5 Ways on How Smoking Makes You Stupid

Smokers tend to have lower IQ than non-smokers. It is not just a coincidence. Studies have shown that people who smoke are more likely to have mental decline. They tend to have poorer memory and lower level of concentration.

4 Facts about Smoking and Concentration

Smokers have different excuses to keep lighting up despite the huge pressure from their family, friends and community to quit. One of the most common reasons is the ability of tobacco to improve their concentration. In a medical viewpoint, nothing correlates smoking with concentration. So what it is? It’s time to quash the brainwashing.