5 Essential Tips When Convincing Others to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a deadly habit that affects not only the smoker but also the people around him or her. There’s no alternative to smoking so the only way to cut the health risks associated with tobacco use is to stop smoking now. But then, convincing someone to quit is not easy. Despite the obvious health […]

4 Deadliest Effects of Smoking

There are over a billion people in the world who smoke. Most of them, if not all, experience different side effects, ranging from yellowish teeth and foul body odor to more serious health problems that are often life-threatening.

3 Reasons Why Switching to Light Cigarettes Won’t Help You Quit

More and more cigarette smokers are now becoming more aware of the negative effects of smoking. However, lots of smokers still have different views about quitting. Most of them think that switching to light or low tar cigarettes will help them kick the butts for good. Experts suggest that smoking light cigarettes won’t make it […]