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Quit Smoking – And Be Happy

by Dr. Antonio Howell, MD

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As you keep reading this blog you will realize you have been lied to by tobacco advertising and your eyes will be opened to the truth. And you will be surprised you believed all these lies in the first place. Here is a clue. When you quit smoking you should be happy. Scratch that – […]

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We all know that smoking kills. We know it causes cancer and leads to early death. But why do many people still smoke? We know 435 thousand people die each year because of smoking. The reason for this is because for so long, we have been brainwashed and fooled by people around us – by […]

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Embarrasment is not enough of a word to describe what I feel about this ad. But don’t let our mistake be yours too. Well all make mistakes and have to live with the consequences of them. But you do not need to shoulder our mistake anymore. I am here to un-officially let you know that […]

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