Charlie Sheen Got Himself Fired! – You Should Help A Loved One Quit

“After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men’ effective immediately.” – Warner Brothers Would you sit and watch a loved one implode like Charlie Sheen? Wouldn’t you hate yourself for not doing anything you could to help? Charlie Sheen has lost control of his life and […]

Dad, Please Stop Smoking

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]If you ever wondered if your loved ones were affected by your smoke then read this story. Likewise if you hate when someone you love smokes around you then this is a must read for you too: Dad, please stop smoking.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Using Allen Carr’s Easy Way Method

If I was asked what is the best way to quit smoking. I would say – the cold turkey approach. If I was to be asked what is the worst method to quit – then anything that involves quitting in the future. The best time is always now. If someone asked me what is the […]