Posted by Mz Diva to Quit Smoking Rx at April 8, 2008 8:00 PM

Mz Diva has left a new comment on your post “QUIT SMOKING INITIATIVES STILL GOING STRONG?”: Dr. Howell, I was so glad to see you stop by my blog….I really love reading yours and can’t wait to read some of these posts! (I have been kinda busy lately) I remember when I was in London….I […]

Posted by casper on Sunday, March 29, 2009 10:27 AM

ok, thanks for the info. but this still does not tell me all the other side effects. i need to know all the other effects that the pill does to the body like pains around the heart like it did to me. after i started having pains around my heart, i stopped taking them and […]

Chantix (varenicline) most common side effect?

What is the most common side effect experienced while taking Chantix or varenicline? It all depends on how you look at it. If you surf online the answer might appear to be nausea. Nausea is reported in about 30% of people taking this drug. However, sleep disturbance is much more common. Especially if you add […]

Why Do You Smoke?

Do you really know? Do you have any idea maybe? Or do you think you know? I hope you do know. And if you do I hope it is a good reason. If the reason that you smoke is because you cannot stop. Because if you stop you feel jittery and anxious and you smoke […]