Your Approval of E-Cigarettes May Encourage Use in Your Kids, Study Says

New study suggests that parents who use or approve of e-cigarettes may actually encourage adolescents to use it or smoke traditional cigarettes. The study from the University of Southern California found that teenagers in their research were more likely to use e-cigarettes than the traditional ones, demonstrated by the rising acceptance and use of the […]

Teens and the Many Types of Tobacco Products

Tobacco companies are very much creative when increasing their sales and attracting new patrons. Unlike before, teens today have a variety of options when it comes to tobacco use. So if you think only of cigarettes when you think of teens and smoking, well maybe it’s about time you get to know the many other […]

Keeping Your Child Smoke-Free (and Yourself Too)

Smoking is much common among teenagers and it is one of the most dangerous habits one can have. It also serves as a gateway to various vices that might lead to drug addiction. Records suggest that nearly 80 percent of smokers started smoking before the age of 18. All of them are young teens and […]

Are You a Teen Smoker? Here are 5 Good Reasons to Quit

Being a teenager is a time where young adults attempt to learn and discover who they are. This is quite a stressful stage because one is still trying to establish his or her identity, find a crowd or group to belong, and practice some independence. And along the way, teenagers make good and bad decisions […]

Ways to Help Your Teen Quit Smoking

Teen smoking has been a big concern not only for parents but for the government as well. After all, they are more likely to become adult smokers.

Teen Smoking: The Big WHY?

According to statistics, majority of smokers started smoking before they finished high school. The younger the smoker started smoking, the more likely he or she becomes an adult smoker. And almost eight out of ten smokers in high school tried but failed to quit smoking. Smokers picking up the habit at a young age may […]

5 Tips to Help Teens Quit Smoking

The number of teens who pick up smoking globally is astounding and the number keeps rising by the day. Smoking is already a scourge among adults and it is an epidemic when talking about teens. So what exactly can be done to reverse this situation and have more teens quit smoking rather picking up the […]

Kids and Smoking: 6 Important Facts

It is no secret that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. Still, thousands of people start smoking everyday and most of them develop addiction within just a few months or years of tobacco use. What’s more alarming is that a significant portion of the smoking population is made up of children.

6 Major Factors that Influence Teenagers to Smoke

About 4,000 teens start smoking every day in the US, and majority of them take the habit all through adulthood. This adds 400, 000 new smokers annually. Since the health effects of smoking is cumulative, people who start smoking early in life are more at risk of chronic illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and dementia. […]

Why Young Adults Smoke: 3 Major Risk Factors

Researchers at the University Of Montreal School Of Public Health revealed that the risk of becoming a smoker among young adults is high, and suggested that campaigns against smoking should also be targeted to these people. Their study, which was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, points out three major risk factors that make […]