Top 10 Things That Happen To Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

When you smoke, the first thing that is severely affected is your respiratory system most particularly the lungs. Every time you smoke, your lungs become black with tar. Studies show that after 3 years of continuous smoking, you increase the risk of lung cancer by 99.9%! Well, it isn’t too late. When you quit smoking, there’s a possibility that your lungs will be restored. Read on to know the magnificent changes that may happen in your lungs after quitting smoking.

1. Your lung condition improves.

The positive effects of quitting smoking take place hours after you stop. Your blood pressure goes back to normal and the flow of oxygen is regulated. Three months after you quit smoking, the condition of your lungs will improve. The risk of infections will also decrease.
2. Your lungs will clear out excess mucus.

Within 24 hours, your lungs will be 100% free from carbon monoxide. Did you know that carbon monoxide is the very same gas that is pumped out by your car exhaust? That’s true! And the moment it is eliminated from the lungs, excess mucus or any smoking debris will be washed out. You will not anymore experience the smoking cough.

3. New cells will develop in the linings of the lungs.

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals that destroy healthy cells. In three months of quitting smoking, new cells will form, restoring your lungs back to its original condition.

4. Cilia are restored.

Cilia are the tiny protrusions in your lungs that screen out all toxins and other substances that may damage your lungs. Cilia are the first that get destroyed when you smoke. But after 72 hours, these hair-like filters will start repairing and growing themselves and will continue to protect your lungs.

5. Your lung function improves.

After 9 months of quitting smoking, your lung function improves by 5%. According to the John Hopkins University, the lung function of people suffering from pulmonary disease improves when they stop smoking. The symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath will be reduced if not alleviated.

6. The risk of oral and tuberculosis cancer is reduced.

After five years of quitting smoking, smokers become less prone to some types of cancer concerning the lungs and other respiratory diseases. The risk of tuberculosis and oral cancer is also reduced. Such risk continues to decline if smokers will continue quitting.

7. The risk of lung cancer is reduced by 50%.

Within ten years of not smoking, the risk of lung cancer is cut by 50%. If you are a mild smoker, your lungs would have less damage so even within just a few months or years after you quit smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer will be greatly reduced.

8. Your lung tissue rejuvenates.

Did you know that the lungs are the only organs in the body that regenerate? Continuous smoking cessation coupled with proper diet and exercise will restore your lungs to normal.

9. Damaged tissues is repaired.

Years after quitting smoking, the damaged tissues caused by the chemicals coming from the cigarette smoke will be repaired. As a result, the capacity of your lungs will get better.


BONUS: 11. Better than Viagra.

Your aerobic and exercise capacity improves and you’ll feel ‘frisky’ like a young kid again. Lungs play a vital role in your body. Your lungs deserve your care and love too. It’s not too late.

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10. Eventually, your lungs will be the same as those who don’t smoke.

In fifteen years, your lungs would have gone back to normal. It’ll b healthier than before. It is as if you have never smoke din your entire life!

See, it’s not yet too late. Lungs play a vital role in your body. They deserve your care and love too!

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