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Raptor has left a new comment on your post “Psychiatric Disorders Reported on Chantix”: After a cursory perusal of comments here, It seems to me that there is significant risk to anyone drinking alcohol, even moderately or lightly, and taking chantix. I am a recovering alcoholic, 5 years sober. I am considering chantix to quit […]

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Hate Mail from a Chantix user…”: my daughter is taking chantix for maybe 2 months, worked great she had side effects at first like expected, she now maybe only smokes 1-2 cig a day. use to smoke a pack or more a day. She was on […]

Weight gain, Chantix and You

A common concern you may have about using Chantix (varenicline tartrate) is the potential for weight gain.[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget] Did you know that Chantix is in fact associated with weight gain and increased appetite? On average people who take Chantix gain about 2.37 kg (or 5.31 pounds). Nevertheless, one could argue that the amount of weight […]

Mixing Chantix and Alcohol?…Not a Good Idea.

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]The little bit I know about Chantix says that alcohol is one thing you should never drink or consume while taking this medicine. Why? Because it may cause you to act crazy [short version] The longer version of that answer says that Chantix and alcohol was implicated in the death of Dallas musician Carter […]

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Sheila has left a new comment on your post “CHANTIX TESTIMONIAL, BURNING UPON URINATION AND BL…”: I have the same symptoms, blood in urine. Started Chantix on 7/30. I have been treated with antibiotics and have now learned my urine culture was negative, I have no type of infection altho I have the urge to […]

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Charli has left a new comment on your post “”DOES CHANTIX CAUSE ANY FUTURE KIDNEY PROBLEMS?””: It’s interesting to see that even a boring topic like medicine can capture such media space and have so many words devoted to it. To quote an instance we can mention chantix. Its one of those drugs that almost […]