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by Alexis Goodrich Nicotine addiction is a hard habit to kick. In order to successfully quit, it’s important to surround yourself with powerful motivators. Whether it’s a support group, your family, or yourself, sometimes the most profound incentive is your health. It is widely known that cigarette smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer, […]

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Away from the countless health threats, smoking tobacco has other nasty and horrible effect – the stain. The tar found in cigarette smoke stains everything it comes into contact like your fingers, nails, teeth, your gums and lips. It leaves a yellowish to dark brown color. Tobacco stains can greatly affect how you look and […]

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Did you know that using tobacco products can also damage your oral health? Cigarette smoking can cause several oral health issues from discolored teeth to cancer. So if you think you can take it very lightly, you may want to read on and find out about how smoking can ruin your oral health. The easy […]

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