4 Ways How Smoking Affects Your Family

In every stick of cigarette you smoke, it is not only your health that is affected, your family’s health too suffers. You harm your family’s health in two ways, by inhaling secondhand smoke or the smoke you exhale, and inhaling the sidestream smoke or the smoke directly coming from burning tobacco. The latter is four […]

Secondhand Smoke and Your Children

Secondhand smoke is a mixture of exhaled cigarette smoke and the smoke coming from burning tobacco. It is a cocktail of more than 7000 chemical compounds, 250 of which are toxic, and more than 70 of these compounds are known carcinogens. Exposure to secondhand smoke is highly dangerous to one’s health, especially the young ones.

5 Ways Secondhand Smoke is Affecting Your Children

What is secondhand smoke? Secondhand smoke refers to the smoke inhaled involuntarily from cigarette being smoked by others. Unfortunately, it contains more than 4,000 chemical compounds that cause 250 kinds of diseases. It may affect your lungs and heart. Smoke increases your “bad” LDL cholesterol, which puts you at greater risk of heart attack. This […]

Secondhand Smoke Raises Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Scientists knew all along the maternal smoking causes harm to the mother and her child. Now, a new study carried out by Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and the University at Buffalo (UB) suggests that even secondhand smoke exposure may cause adverse pregnancy outcomes.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Secondhand Smoke

Even if you don’t smoke, you are not 100% free from the dangers of tobacco use. Smoking is rampant. You see smokers everywhere – in the workplace, at school, at the restaurant, in public areas, and sometimes, even in your home. According to the American Lung Association, secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 40 […]

4 Possibly New Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smoking is like losing weight; millions of people around the world resolve to quit yearly, but few are able to achieve success. Why should you quit smoking? You have probably heard all the reasons, but there are a few new reasons that you should explore to motivate you to quit smoking. Quitting Lowers Depression A […]

5 Ways to Discourage Public Smoking

Secondhand smoke, or environmental tobacco smoke is a combination of 2 types of smoke coming from burning cigarette or tobacco – the sidestream smoke, or the smoke coming from a lighted cigarette or pipe; and the mainstream smoke, or the smoke exhaled by smokers. If you think they are just the same, well they are […]

Top 5 Myths about Secondhand Smoke

Nobody can dispute the fact that cigarette smoking has taken many lives around the globe. There are many studies who support this fact and even people who smoke would not dare argue against it. The more disputed aspect of smoking today rest on its effects to those people who are called “secondhand smoker”. Here are […]

Top 10 Facts You Want to Know About E-cigarettes Before Using It

In 2007, electronic cigarette was launched to the US market. It was offered as an alternative to tobacco. Instead of the tobacco leaves, e-cigarettes use liquid nicotine. Without tobacco, its proponents believe the e-cigarettes offer many great benefits compared to that of the regular cigarettes. However, experts are in doubt whether these reports are true. […]

How Secondhand Smoke is Harmful to Your Child?

Smoking is known as the most preventable cause of death in the U.S. Here are a few facts about smoking which all parents must know. The above-mentioned fact means that several people who die because of smoking related diseases could probably live a longer life if they never smoked. “Secondhand smoke” contains various carcinogenic substances. […]