How Badly Smoking Affects Your Health?

Even if you replace your cigarette with a pipe, hookah or cigar, you can’t keep away from the health risks linked with tobacco products. There is no safe conduct to smoke. Smoking tobacco is not helpful to your health. It is extremely dangerous.

Smoking in Cars Is More Harmful than You Think It Is

Sitting in the back seat with someone smoking can leave you gasping for air, an agonizing experience, and study suggests it’s harmful for both the smoker and passengers. Particle pollution, or particulate matter (PM) is released into the air at alarming level that even exceeds the World Health Organization’s indoor air quality guidelines when someone […]

How Smoking Damages Your Bones and Muscles

Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death. In the US, more than 400,000 people die each year from smoking-related diseases. It is linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and to cancers. However, most smokers are not aware of the negative effects of smoking to their bones and joints.

7 Facts about Smoking and Depression

Can depression urge a person to smoke or does smoking make a person prone to depression? What do experts say about this? On this article, let’s take a closer look at the relationship between the two.

15 Things You May Not Know about Smoking

Smoking doesn’t have any benefit at all. But how come millions of people are still smoking? Why do they bother spending buying a crap? Why do they still smoke even if they know they are slowly killing themselves?

The Way Smoking Affects Your Sleep

The respiratory and cardiovascular effects of smoking are very much known to the public. However, smoking also has an adverse effect on your sleep. Smoking is not only linked to lack of sleep, but it as well affects your sleeping pattern. This is the reason why you still feel tired even though you slept the […]

5 Health Effects of Thirdhand Smoke

Emerging scientific studies suggest that thirdhand smoke is more dangerous than secondhand smoke. As scientists dwell deeper into the negative side effects of smoking, we understand how important it is to quit smoking now. Smoking has been linked to many cases of early death. It is also a major risk factor for cancer, pneumonia, and […]

6 Effects of Smoking While Breastfeeding

Around 25 percent of women in the US who are in the reproductive age use tobacco products like cigarettes, and majority of this number continue to smoke during pregnancy and after giving birth despite the fact that it can harm their own and their baby’s health.

3 Reasons Why Switching to Light Cigarettes Won’t Help You Quit

More and more cigarette smokers are now becoming more aware of the negative effects of smoking. However, lots of smokers still have different views about quitting. Most of them think that switching to light or low tar cigarettes will help them kick the butts for good. Experts suggest that smoking light cigarettes won’t make it […]