Keeping Your Child Smoke-Free (and Yourself Too)

Smoking is much common among teenagers and it is one of the most dangerous habits one can have. It also serves as a gateway to various vices that might lead to drug addiction. Records suggest that nearly 80 percent of smokers started smoking before the age of 18. All of them are young teens and […]

Electronic Cigarettes: 5 Tough Questions Answered

With the rising concern about the health effects of cigarettes, more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. These battery-powered cylinders deliver nicotine with a puff of hot gas, minus the smoke.

How Bad Is Nicotine, Really?

Chances are, you have read several articles discussing the ill benefits of smoking or you have seen it in many anti-smoking slogans. And by now you’re wondering how bad nicotine really is to your health. Below are some facts about the health risks of nicotine.

9 Facts about Cigarettes and Nicotine That You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you still smoking despite knowing how much harm you stand to gain from cigarettes? The fact is that it is hard to quit smoking, but the sobering fact is that with every cigarette you light up you are causing more harm to your body. It is important to keep reminding yourself what harm you […]

How to Get Someone to Stop Smoking

Countless people try to quit smoking – just to start over again days, weeks, or months later. Convincing smokers who refuse to quit is sometimes a big challenge. You need to understand that smoking, like any other addiction, is hard to give up. It is among the hardest habits to crack. Nicotine is a powerful […]

10 Quit Smoking Tips – It’s Never To Late

Ask ten smokers why they smoke and most of them will tell you “I don’t know” or “I just find it enjoyable”. In order to successfully quit smoking, you first want to know the real reason(s) why you continue to light up despite its nasty effects on your health. The old-fashioned concept that smoking is […]

What Are You Really Hooked On When You Smoke?

If your hooked on smoking you are hooked on nicotine. You are not smoking because you ENJOY IT otherwise why would you want to quit in the first place. Right? The truth is everybody HATES smoking but the withdrawal from nicotine puts people ON EDGE, it hampers their ability to concentrate, it makes them miserable […]


[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]Here is the straight talk on why WE smoke. If you asked a smoker why they smoke you would get many responses but it is not likely that they will tell you the truth about why they smoke. The truth is usually NOT a pretty answer so instead you get the other socially acceptable […]

The Quit Smoking Trap

Would you help an alcoholic quit by giving them an alcohol patch? No. Would you give a crackhead a cocaine patch? No. So why do we insist on quitting with nicotine patches??? Nicotine replacement therapy makes no sense really. The most rational way to quit smoking uses no nicotine. [widget id=”related_widget-1256023952″]Related Widget[/widget]

Quit Smoking – Just Do It

Have you been thinking about quitting? Well good for you-you have already begun the quitting process. I say “process” because giving up cigarettes is sometimes more than something you “just do” using willpower. You need to know why you want to do it, set a quit date, quit, BE HAPPY and maintain a smoke-free life. […]