Second Hand Smoke: What’s the Real Deal?

Everyone knows how smoking is bad for the health of the person who smokes, and also the people around the smoker, or what we called second hand smokers. Second hand smokers are those individuals who don’t smoke but are living with someone who smokes, or associated with somebody who smokes. Like what is mentioned, it […]

10 Ways By Which Tobacco Kills Your Heart

Tobacco use is accountable for the rising number of premature deaths in the United States, killing over 400,000 people every year. Other than destroying your lungs, smoking also weakens your heart until it no longer functions, thus, exposing you to major cardiovascular problems. In fact, tobacco use accounts for 20% of all cardiovascular health-related deaths […]

7 Facts Why You Don’t Want to Expose Your Children to Secondhand Smoke

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or simply secondhand smoke, is a mixture of mainstream smoke (or the smoke the smoker exhaled), and the sidestream smoke (or the smoke coming from the burning tobacco). ETS is a combination of 7,000 different chemicals, more than 200 of these compounds are known to be poisonous, and around 70 of […]

Did You Know That Secondhand Smoke Is More Harmful To Your Baby than to You?

Tobacco cessation at any point during pregnancy can yield important health benefits for the mother and the baby. -U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Whenever a person smokes, only 15% of the harmful chemicals are inhaled by that person. 85% of it goes to the air, affecting other people. According to studies, a person who […]

Imagine A Life Without Cigarettes

[widget id=”text-41″]text-41[/widget]Are you listening to the conversation inside your head? * “I’m tired of the smell on my fingers, on my breath, and on my clothes.” * “I’m coughing a lot. I don’t want to get bronchitis.Or worse…” * “My (significant other) is unhappy with my smoking—not just for me, but because of the risk […]

Nicotine – New Solution or Same Old Problem?

22nd Century (website) a New York based company is betting millions that you will love their new very low nicotine (VLN) cigarette. The idea is that by switching to this VLN brand of cigarettes you will find it easier to quit smoking. It is being marketed as prescription cigarette. I can’t say I am fond […]

Smoking in Booths Better or Worse For Smokers?

IS SMOKING IN A BOOTH STILL BAD FOR YOU? Are enclosed smoking lounges the answer for smoking in bars and casinos. The answer is NO. Actually it is probably worse for you since you inhale not only your smoke but everyone’s second hand smoke. YUCK! The smoke fumes cling to the clothing and hair of […]

One Reason To Provide Your Family with a Smoke-Free Home

[widget id=”text-28″]Text: fb[/widget] If you ever see this man you should buy him a drink and thank him. This is Dr. Moolgavkar (Dr. M.) one of the world’s leading authority in ways to protect you and your family from radon. If you asked Dr. M. what is radon? Dr M would say that radon is […]

Chantix Crazy

Some would describe me as Chantix crazy. But let me tell you what is really crazy.- Crazy is knowing that around 5.4 million deaths a year are cause by tobacco and not doing anything about it. That is crazy! Crazy is knowing that smoking is estimated to kill 6.5 million people in 2015 and another […]

Second-Hand Smoke is a Killer

The smoke that engulfs a  room when someone lights a cigarette is more than just a nuisance. Second-hand smoke  kills over half a million people world wide. Half of which are women and children (link). A list of the chemicals in tobacco smoke is here. The choice you make to partake in a habit that […]