Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? NO. Here’s Why

Is there a ‘safer’ alternative to smoking? Unfortunately, there isn’t. Neither smoking nor vaping is beneficial to your body. If you think you’re doing your health a favor by switching to vaping, you’re wrong.   What Are Vapes Made Of? E-cigarettes or vaping products (sometimes called vape pens) are devices that use a battery to […]

Why There Is No Such Thing as a Healthy Smoker

Despite being known as extremely toxic and additive and costing over eight million lives per year, many people continue to smoke. It is estimated that there are 1.3 billion smokers in the world and 80 percent of them live in low- and middle-income countries. A defining characteristic of the tobacco industry has been its ability […]

Quitting Smoking Can Improve Mental Health

There are many people who want to quit smoking but, only few of them succeeded. Many can’t stop because they believed that smoking helps reduce anxiety and stress. However, it is really a myth. Smokers can most likely acquire anxiety disorder or depression in the long run than non-smokers. Removing cigarettes from your system produces […]

When the Consequences are Not Enough: Top Reasons Why People Smoke

There are lots of people who are fond of smoking, despite the known bad effects for their health and body. According to studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), present-day cigarette smoking was higher among approximately 17 of every 100 persons aged 18-24 years (16.7%), 20 of every 100 persons aged […]

Smoking: The Bigger Picture

Nowadays, people are more aware of the bad effects of smoking to one’s health. The health risk of smoking is well publicized to the public both young and old.  Additionally, each pack of cigarettes has warnings on them. Just a generation ago people could smoke almost everywhere. A generation ago cigarette advertising was all over […]

Quitting Smoking with Your Significant Other

A significant other, plays a big role in someone’s life. Whether the two of you are married, in a new relationship or long-time relationship, this other person plays a major part in someone’s’ life, decisions and almost everything. One can’t simply decide on something they want without considering the other half.

8 Signs You Are Likely to Succeed in Quitting Smoking

You’ve finally decided to quit. Congrats! But how do you know that you are going to succeed? Here are the top signs. You get yourself educated. There is no better motivation and planning you can have without educating yourself as to why and how. Information is necessary to start the quitting plan. Know why you […]

Second Hand Smoke: What’s the Real Deal?

Everyone knows how smoking is bad for the health of the person who smokes, and also the people around the smoker, or what we called second hand smokers. Second hand smokers are those individuals who don’t smoke but are living with someone who smokes, or associated with somebody who smokes. Like what is mentioned, it […]

The Challenge of Helping Someone Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a very big challenge. A lot of smokers can say they want to quit and are aware of how risky it is to their health and also to their love ones but cannot really commit to quit smoking. The struggle is on because quitting smoking is not as simple as getting rid […]