How to Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in Your Home (When Quitting)

The smell of cigarette smoke clings to walls, stick on your carpeting and to almost everything in your home leaving a strong odor. And if you’re quitting, the smell of cigarettes can be a tough trigger. So it’s important that you get rid of the smell to make it easier and more comfortable for you […]

4 Other Types of Cigarettes – Part 2

There are several cigarette types today on the market, marketed toward men and women, young and old, alike. They will come in different flavors and colors, sizes and shapes, and may basically be marketed towards any audience. This is part 2 of 2 of the original article “6 Different Types of Cigarettes”. Wides These kinds […]

Quit Smoking – And What Happened In The Past.

I’m sure you have done this even if it wasn’t with stopping smoking. Maybe it was something like “I’ll start the diet Monday” or “I’ll join the gym on Monday.” But it happened just like this or some variation of this theme: I tried to stop smoking once a few years ago. It was the […]

Quit Smoking Means Quit Tobacco

There are many ways to take tobacco. You can chew it, inhale it through the nose, and smoke it in the form of cigars or cigarettes. No matter how it’s taken tobacco is dangerous. Because smoking is the most popular way to consume tobacco it has also received the greatest attention from the medical field […]

Quit Smoking – Just Do It

Have you been thinking about quitting? Well good for you-you have already begun the quitting process. I say “process” because giving up cigarettes is sometimes more than something you “just do” using willpower. You need to know why you want to do it, set a quit date, quit, BE HAPPY and maintain a smoke-free life. […]

Quit Smoking: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? This is the picture of a baby smoking. Actually it is not. This is my baby girl. But this picture illustrates what you see in millions of homes around the world. Small infants made to smoke involuntarily. No, you don’t see a cigarette, because it is the parents who smokes. […]

Don’t Listen To Them: Doctors Agree on Smoking Cessation

Embarrasment is not enough of a word to describe what I feel about this ad. But don’t let our mistake be yours too. Well all make mistakes and have to live with the consequences of them. But you do not need to shoulder our mistake anymore. I am here to un-officially let you know that […]

Are Electronic Cigarettes The Answer?

What about cigarette substitutes such as the electronic cigarettes? The argument is that they are not as harmful as cigarettes, therefore safer. And in some states cheaper than smoking. I would agree except for one thing. Nobody needs to smoke. Smoking is not a necessary function like eating, breathing and exercising. If you never took […]

Quit Smoking – Renee’s Chantix Testimonial

“I set a quit date – 2 weeks from when I started Chantix. By the end of the first week, I was smoking about one-third of my normal intake. I just didn’t think about smoking. By the end of 2 weeks, i was ABLE to choose to not smoke! Unbelievably, cigarettes just tasted aweful, there […]

Quit Smoking – A Child Who Smoke’s a Parent’s Dream?

Could you do me a favor please? Find a mother whose dream is to see her son or daughter grow-up to be the world’s greatest smoker…. It’s okay I’ll wait…… Or else find me someone who enjoys the smell of cigarette on their breath, on their clothes and in their hair?…It’s okay I’ll wait…. Chances […]