Dos and Don’ts When Helping Someone Quit Smoking

You’ve been waiting for this, and finally he decided to quit smoking. Now he’s ready, and you’re wondering what you can do to make it easier for him to quit smoking for good. Read on and learn the Dos and Don’ts when helping someone quit smoking.

Getting Ready for Your Quit Date: 7 Essential Tips

4 days to go and it’s 2014! It’s a brand new year – a fresh beginning. If you are reading this, it’s most likely that you or one of your loved ones is attempting to quit smoking comes January one. Perhaps at this very moment, you are very determined to drop the habit for good. […]

Quit Smoking – What Really Works.

You may probably get tired of hearing the following from others: How terrible smoking is for your health. How much money smoker’s spend in their lifetime smoking. that it is a filthy, disgusting habit. All true statements but if the above tactics alone would help you would have already quit smoking. But you won’t hear […]

Quit Smoking – Preparing To Quit Is Stupid

Preparing to quit is stupid. You don’t prepare to quit. That is like saying I will prepare to breathe. One just breathes. Plain and simply, you don’t need to be prepared to do it. Quitting smoking is a natural act. We are not born with a cigarette in our mouths. We simply decide we are […]

Quit Smoking – When You Are Ready To Quit.

Maybe you are feeling a little nervous about quitting smoking. Maybe like most smokers the thought of stopping fills you with panic. And maybe, just maybe you have every intention of quitting one day but today is not that day. Guess what you are right! Because no one can make you quit if you are […]

10 Quit Smoking Tips – It’s Never To Late

Ask ten smokers why they smoke and most of them will tell you “I don’t know” or “I just find it enjoyable”. In order to successfully quit smoking, you first want to know the real reason(s) why you continue to light up despite its nasty effects on your health. The old-fashioned concept that smoking is […]

What If I Fell Off The Wagon?

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]”I tried quitting smoking before and started smoking again.” Is this what you are thinking right now? If the answer is yes repeat after me: SO WHAT?? Don’t let what happened in your past stop you from moving forward in your future. Many smokers try to quit several times before they finally succeed. Approach […]