Are You a Smoking Mom? Here are Some Serious Risks You Face

Smoking is very dangerous to the health of the smoker and the second-hand smokers, how great risk it could be when smoking occurs during pregnancy? As everyone knows that smoke addiction doesn’t choose age, gender, life status, or even medical condition. Smoking is highly addictive and as well as extremely dangerous especially to expectant mothers […]

A Peek into a Smoker’s Physique

Do you know that smoking can actually makes a person looks unexpectedly older than his/her actual age? Comparing two persons of the same age, the other one smokes, and the other one doesn’t, there is clarity on distinguishing who smokes and who doesn’t just by looking at their physical attributes.

10 Reasons Why It’s Not Cool for Girls to Smoke

If you think smoking is cool for a 13 year-old girl, well let’s just say that smoking is as cool as getting your fingers cut in a food processor. It’s nasty and painful but that is smoking. Below are 10 reasons why it’s not cool for girls to start smoking, or if you already have, […]

How Smoking Can Cost Your Vision

It is known to almost everybody that cigarette smoking and tobacco use is linked to several health issues, or that it’s among the leading cause of preventable death around the world. But less are known about the damaging effects of smoking to the eyes and, eventually, to your vision.

Smoking and Hearing Loss: One More Reason to Kick the Habit

Researchers have known the dangers of smoking tobacco for decades. Of course, we know smoking cigarettes contributes to lung cancer, throat cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, allergies and other breathing disorders. Yet, with all the solid, statistical data in place, one out of five Americans still puff away daily.

5 Major Diseases Caused by Smoking

There are so many diseases caused by smoking. And there’s no doubt about this. Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that destroy cells and weaken your immune system, making your body vulnerable to illness. Today, let’s tackle some of the major, life-threatening diseases that are caused by smoking.

10 Negative Effects of Smoking

Smoking is harmful to one’s health – and there’s no doubt about it. It harms your body as it harms the people around you. No one benefits from smoking (except maybe the tobacco companies that earn billions of dollars). Health wise, tobacco is a silent killer. Below are the top 10 negative effects of smoking […]

5 Harmful Effects of Smoking to Women’s Health

Women who smoke, irrespective of their age, are at risk of illnesses that are not only harmful to their health but also to the health of people around them. If you’re planning to quit, or still looking for reasons to quit, below are 6 harmful effects of smoking on women’s health that you should know.

5 Latest Studies on Cigarette Smoking and its Impact on Health

Sure, the public knows that smoking is really dangerous to health but it appears that what they know about the negative effects of tobacco is not yet enough to make smokers quit. That is why scientists all over the world never stop to find more evidence that pinpoint tobacco as the culprit behind many diseases. […]

Top 5 Reasons why Smoking Makes You Feel Tired

If you are a smoker for quite some time, you know how it feels to smoke and feel sloppily weak after. This can be explained easily by science. If you are planning to quit smoking now, you have to read these facts and understand how smoking make you feel weak and tired.