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5 Major Diseases Caused by Smoking

by Dr Antonio Howell, MD

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There are so many diseases caused by smoking. And there’s no doubt about this. Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that destroy cells and weaken your immune system, making your body vulnerable to illness. Today, let’s tackle some of the major, life-threatening diseases that are caused by smoking. Post by Antonio R. Howell.

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Smoking is harmful to one’s health – and there’s no doubt about it. It harms your body as it harms the people around you. No one benefits from smoking (except maybe the tobacco companies that earn billions of dollars). Health wise, tobacco is a silent killer. Below are the top 10 negative effects of smoking […]

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Women who smoke, irrespective of their age, are at risk of illnesses that are not only harmful to their health but also to the health of people around them. If you’re planning to quit, or still looking for reasons to quit, below are 6 harmful effects of smoking on women’s health that you should know.

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Sure, the public knows that smoking is really dangerous to health but it appears that what they know about the negative effects of tobacco is not yet enough to make smokers quit. That is why scientists all over the world never stop to find more evidence that pinpoint tobacco as the culprit behind many diseases. […]

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If you are a smoker for quite some time, you know how it feels to smoke and feel sloppily weak after. This can be explained easily by science. If you are planning to quit smoking now, you have to read these facts and understand how smoking make you feel weak and tired.

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