5 Tips to Stay Cigarette-Free this Holiday Season

It’s Holiday season again. It’s the time of the year that you get to spend more quality time with friends and family. And for some, this means parties and drinking sprees. But what if you just quit smoking or just started with your smoking cessation program?

10 Ways to Lessen Weight Gain After You Quit Smoking this 2015

Statistics tells you that most smokers would gain weight after they quit cigarettes. On the average, a smoker can gain as much as 4 to 10 pounds. This can be attributed to the effects of nicotine to your metabolism. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant. So without nicotine, you suddenly feel hungrier. Also, some smokers would […]

3 Reasons Why Monday Could Be the Best Day to Quit Smoking

“I’ll quit after new year or my birthday,” how many times have you found yourself making the vow to quit after a holiday and never quite got round to it? The reason could be because you are choosing the wrong time to start quitting. There really isn’t a bad time to stop quitting, but new […]

5 Things Not to Say to Someone Undergoing Smoking Cessation

Dependability is very important in helping your loved quit smoking. Support them when they are trying to quit and if they are sincere, encourage them more. Do not say negative things that will provoke them to stop trying. Persuade them and stop nagging. Help them to think of simple things that will divert their urges […]

6 Questions You Want to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Smoking

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you can successfully quit smoking. First, you have to recognize your personal reasons for quitting. Second, you have to devise a strategy to overcome the challenges. This includes knowing where to get help when you need it. And finally, you need to […]

Put out your Cigarette: Quit Smoking for Good

Are you ready to put out your last cigarette; quit smoking for good? Smoking cigarettes is both a psychological habit and physical addiction. The nicotine from a cigarette will offer an addictive, temporary high. Getting rid of that consistent nicotine fix is going to cause your body to suffer with cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. […]

Smokers Can Quit With the Help of Text Messages

A number of recent studies have shown that smokers who are trying to quit can be greatly aided by supportive text messages. Mobile phones have become such a huge part of our lives to the point that they are now being successfully as a smoking-cessation aid. Dr. Pamela Brar a La Jolla, Calif. Private Practice […]

States Spending On Smoking Cessation Programs Drop

The American Cancer Society marked the Great American Smokeout last week on Friday, commemorating the four decades of the event. The Great American Smokeout, an annual event held every third Thursday in November, is a social engineering event officiated by the American Cancer Society to encourage more smokers to quit smoking. This year in New […]

Speaking About Smoking to Youth in Canada

by: News Canada Did you know that the average age by which youth begin to experiment with tobacco is 12 years old? Did you know that these children can show signs of addiction within days of smoking only one cigarette, and that cigarette smoking is harder to quit than heroin or cocaine? These are frightening […]

You Have To Know That You Are Ready To Quit

You think you are ready to quit? To quit you need to plant the seed of change. So please repeat the following: I can quit smoking and become a non-smoker and know without a shadow of doubt that I smoked my last cigarette and be happy. Keep repeating this to yourself. It doesn’t matter if […]