20 Ingenious Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

Everyone would agree that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. And amidst the negative effects of smoking and the constant reminder of the government, still many people continue smoking because they can’t simply quit. If you’re among those people struggling to quit the bad habit of smoking, you may want to […]

3 Reasons Why Monday Could Be the Best Day to Quit Smoking

“I’ll quit after new year or my birthday,” how many times have you found yourself making the vow to quit after a holiday and never quite got round to it? The reason could be because you are choosing the wrong time to start quitting. There really isn’t a bad time to stop quitting, but new […]

10 Side Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today

Quitting smoking today is a surefire way to improve your health and reduce your risk of developing serious health problems. But the health benefits extend way beyond lowering your likelihood of getting cancer or heart disease. There are SOME more.

How to Say No to Cigarettes

One of the most common reasons why some smokers experience a relapse is they saw someone smoking or was offered a cigarette. So it’s logical and practical to say that it’s a good idea to prepare yourself how to say “NO” when offered a cigarette or confronted by a situation where you are tempted to […]

How to Get Someone to Stop Smoking

Countless people try to quit smoking – just to start over again days, weeks, or months later. Convincing smokers who refuse to quit is sometimes a big challenge. You need to understand that smoking, like any other addiction, is hard to give up. It is among the hardest habits to crack. Nicotine is a powerful […]

5 Programs that Help Young Adults Quit Smoking

It is very common nowadays to see group of college students smoking in campuses and recreational areas. This is a sad reality that is becoming more of a culture. Statistics reveal that an alarming 28% of college students are regular smokers. And what is more alarming is that 48% of college students have used tobacco […]

10 Strategies to Stay Focused when Quitting Smoking

Stopping smoking may be easy, but staying quit-free can be challenging. It’s good to know though that there are easy strategies to help you stay on track in your journey towards a cigarette-free life!

Stop Smoking Timeline: 5 Questions Most People Ask

The first days and weeks of quitting smoking are often the toughest. But the old saying goes – no pain, no gain! Eventually, all the undesirable effects that come along with smoking cessation will wane and won’t leave any mark on your mind and body.

Identifying Your Smoking Habits: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Many people fail to quit smoking for good because they are not familiar with their smoking habits. But knowing such habits are highly important to ensure success and prevent a relapse. By asking these questions to yourself, you can easily identify your smoking habits: